Our product solves windows washing common problems. Window Washing System can be permanently installed on residential and non-residential buildings of any types. At home, it can be installed on windows and skylights. It can also be installed on high-rise structures.

  • Easy to install
  • Low cost
  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient
  • Safe

Window Washing System eliminates the need for scaffold-based window washing crews for this purpose, thereby reducing labor cost and preventing accident and pedestrian traffic interruptions associated with this form of maintenance.

Window Washing System keeps windows looking clean and clear for an extended period of time and speeds up the process of cleaning hard-to-reach windows.


At present, the exterior surfaces of high-rise building windows must be accessed for cleaning through the use of scaffolds or bosunchairs. Such devices can not be used during periods of inclement weather and can also be fairly dangerous during even calm, sunny days.

In many cases, their use can result in the need to cordon off a sizeable portion of the sidewalk below, thereby interfering with the overall accessibility of a structure. WWS has been conceived as a solution to these problems.

The janitorial or maintenance staff of a building and Home owners could safely operate this mechanism from inside. As a result, this system could help reduce labor cost. As well as permit windows to be cleaned more frequently and irrespective of inclement weather. It will help reducing insurance costs.

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