If you operate a small maintenance/contractor firm or have a strong desire to start your own business, you can be part of our reseller network. We are looking for resellers across USA to sell, install and maintain the Window Washing System.

Window Washing System is offering protected territories to individuals or corporations willing to develop the market. Take a closer look at the potential market and join us.

Our primary market consists of owners/operator of America's 6.7 million business establishments. There are approximately 2.5 million service-related establishments.

  • 1.6 million retail trade establishments.
  • 658,000 construction establishments.
  • 650,000 financial,insurance,and real estate establishments.
  • 531,000 wholesale trade establishments.
  • 393,000 manufacturing establishments.
  • 295,000 public utilities,communication,and transportation establishments.
  • 113,000 agriculture,forestry,and fishing establisments etc...

Our secondary market consists of the multi-story residential housing market. There are an estimated 34,150,000 renter-occupied housing units in the United States.

  • 7,565 two-to-four units dwellings,
  • 4,283,000 five-to-nine units dwellings,
  • 3,974 ten-to-19 units dwellings,
  • 2,903,000 20-to-49 units dwellings,
  • 2,920,000 50-plus units dwellings,
  • 1,328,000 mobile homes.

By height,we note that:

  • 2,399,000 feature a single story
  • 8,263,000 feature two stories
  • 5,877,000 feature three stories
  • 3,312,000 feature four to six stories
  • 1,799,000 feature seven or more stories
  • this market could also include 10,506 condominium associations.

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